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Best Tips for Training Online

When you are training online, it can be a very different experience to learning on the job or in a classroom.  For starters you need to be motivated and consistent.  Online learning, although often featuring course content and sometimes tutors, is mostly self-directed.  Care Shield have put together a list of top tips for how to do well on your online training course!

Online Training Toolkit

There are a few things you should equip yourself with when preparing to start online training.  Firstly, a good notebook and pen.  Handwritten notes are a powerful tool for triggering memory.  If you write down the information you want to retain, having a copy of it, as well as the act of noting it down will aid your memory. 

Using coloured pens or highlighters can also help you code information and read it through easier when you’re revising the subject.

People looking at computer screens completing online learning.

Develop a Commitment to your Learning

Fostering a commitment to your online training is vital to ensuring the successful completion of your course.  Having it as a part of your regular routine, or allocating specific time for it will allow you to have discipline when learning.

Study Buddy

Although the training is online, it is beneficial to have someone studying alongside you.  That way you can talk through the material and learn faster.  Speak to a friend or colleague to see if they would like to start a course with you.

Revise your Material

At the end of each unit of study, it is a good idea to go back to previous material.  This could be done by rereading your notes.  This allows you to think over the content and potentially gain new understanding.

Take Breaks

Giving yourself time off from your online training will allow you to head back into it refreshed.  Learning works best when there is some interest and enjoyment in the process.  Spending hours on the topic will not help you in the long run as it will be harder to take in the content.

And Finally…

Be kind to yourself, the person who knows you best is you.  Starting on an online training course is a commitment.  If you want to see it through to completion, you will need to approach it sensibly with a plan in mind.

If you are considering embarking on a training course, take a look at Care Shield’s offering.  We have training in a wide range of subjects, some of which can be completed online.

Speak to one of our team to learn how best we can help you.

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