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The Importance of Staff Training in Health and Social Care

It seems obvious that staff training in health and social care is important.  What is less obvious are the reasons why it is important.  The main reason for training is that staff and employers have a duty to ensure that clients are looked after, working with laws and legislation to protect client’s dignity and safety.  But there are other less apparent reasons for training.

Staff training in health and social care protects the staff

Knowing the right methods for caring and protecting clients is vital to ensuring the client is safe.  But it is also important to protect the staff.  Ensuring you are following up-to-date procedures and methods reduces the risk of errors and prevents accidents.  This means they can be safe in the workplace.  For example, by undertaking Care Shield’s Moving and Handling Course, staff can learn how best to lift and prevent injury.

Staff training identifies and fills gaps in knowledge

Whether completing a new course or a refresher, up-to-date training helps identify and fill gaps in knowledge.  This could be knowing how to administer emergency medication such as epipens or inhalers.  It could also be something more subtle such as the signs of distress in people with dementia.  This knowledge may be vital in certain circumstances, so training minimises the risk of lacking that information or procedure.

Person holding an inhaler

Training as an investment

Ensuring your staff are appropriately trained shows that you value them and want to increase their skills and awareness.  This builds on the trust and relations you have with your staff.  Training is an often-overlooked investment.  By equipping staff with knowledge they need, you are showing you place a high priority on their development.

Emphasises the need for a person-centred approach

All of Care Shield’s training is focused on putting the client at the heart of care.  The clients are all individuals who need differing and specialised treatment.  Our staff training in health and social care equips learners with the skills they need, but also allows for them to develop an awareness of the person they care for.

If you want to hear more about Care Shield’s staff training in Health and Social Care, get in touch via our contact form.  We’d be happy to help you build a training programme to help develop your staff. As a Centre of Excellence with Skills for Care, we would be the perfect provider for you.

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