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Skills For Care Training – QCF, RQF & NVQ Health & Social Care Training

Skills For Care – QCF, RQF & NVQ Social Care Training

QCF, RQF & NVQ Training

Skills for Care is the home of the National Skills Academy for Social Care and  is the employer-led workforce training and development body for adult social care in England.

They offer workforce learning and development support and practical health and social care training resources from entry level jobs right through to those in leadership and management roles.

Care Shield is a Skills For Care Centre Of Excellence

We provide QCF, RQF & NVQ training courses for public and private health sector workers, nursing & care home employees, care assistants, community carers & care professionals across the UK.

Care Shield can deliver Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 & Level 5 health and social care training remotely and on site, upskilling staff through sector specific courses

Care Shield support and teach the vital lessons that your staff need to work in the health and social care sector and can advise on your domiciliary or care home staff development programme. Our qualifications are accredited by HABC and are regulated by Ofqual, SQA, Qualifications Wales and CCEA.

We offer accredited health and social care training courses in subjects such as Well Being, Support for Registered Managers, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Long Term Conditions, Assisting and Moving, Autism, Care Certificate, Health and Safety, Infection Control, Dementia, Medication, Mental Capacity Act, Positive Behavioural Support, Safeguarding and End of Life Care.

Speak to Care Shield today to discuss your health and social care training provision. We are always happy to explain some of the Government funded training solutions and staff development opportunities for your team.

Skills For Care QCF, RQF & NVQ Qualifications

Understanding Autism
Level 2 NVQ  | 140 GLH | £249 | Regulated learning | Funding Available

Autism can affect social skills and behaviours; it may also impact sensory experience or how someone learns – autism can affect a person in a variety of ways. Care Shield’s level 2 certificate allows for learners to gain an understanding of what autism is and in what ways it can present in a person. Undertaking this course will allow for an improved quality of care to clients with autism.

Understanding the Care & Management of Diabetes
Level 2 NVQ | 110 GLH | £249 | Regulated learning | Funding Available

4.7 million people in the UK suffer with diabetes. Staff need to be aware of what signs to look out for when caring with someone with diabetes, as well as how to effectively treat issues as they arise. This level 2 course will talk employees through the types of diabetes, how to manage the condition, and what emergency treatment may become necessary

Non Regulated Health & Social Care Courses

Pressure Area Care & Tissue Viability
3 Hours | £400 | Non-Regulated learning | Funding Available

People with low mobility or disabilities are at a higher risk of pressure sores, which can lead to infection and distress. This course will cover methods of prevention as well as appropriate treatment should a client have a pressure sore.

Epilepsy Awareness
3 Hours | £400 | Non-Regulated learning | Funding Available

This course develops the learner’s understanding of epilepsy and how to support individuals in a person-centred way to manage their condition. Participants will be able to: define epilepsy; list the types of seizures identify triggers that are associated with epilepsy; discuss the main managements currently available; explain the features of an Emergency Seizure Management Plan & list the steps to take when supporting someone having a seizure.

PEG Feeding
3 Hours | £400 | Non-Regulated learning | Funding Available

This course increases the learner’s awareness of the specific care needs of the service user who has a PEG tube. Upon completion of this course the learners will demonstrate knowledge of the surgical procedure of PEG insertion and immediate postoperative care; know how to carry out the daily routine care of a PEG tube and PEG stoma site and be able to discuss the importance of hygiene and specific feed regimes, as well as the types of food given to the PEG-fed service user.

Social Care Training Course Funding & Grants

If you would like to enquire about QCF, RQF & NVQ Skills For Care training grants and funding for nursing home workers, care home employees, community carers & caring professionals, please contact us via telephone or fill out the form below.

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