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Principles of Medication Administration
Level 2


This level 2 qualification teaches learners the principles and methods of administering medication to a client.  This course has been designed for those working in the Health and Social Care sector who want to increase or refresh their knowledge of administering medication. 

Outline of Programme

This course will take learners through the process of medication administration, showing practical skills, it will also teach learners about the legislation relating this subject. 

Units in the Course

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Woman assisting dementia patient in wheelchair

Benefits of the Course

During this course, learners will increase their knowledge of medication administering, allowing them to work with clients and ensure their safety in relation to their medication.  This course can prepare learners for progression in their employment, or even starting a higher-level qualification. 

Accreditation and Assessment

Care Shield’s Principles of Medication course is assessed through a portfolio of work completed during the learning modules listed above. 

Duration of Course

This course requires 130 Guided Learning Hours to complete, which will be led by an industry expert tutor. 

Progression Options

This programme helps learners understand the principles of end-of-life care and will allow them to specialise in this area.  Learners can progress to a level 3 qualification once they have completed this course.


Speak to Care Shield about progression options. 

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