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Moving, Handling & Positioning Patients

Patient Moving, Handling & Positioning Training

The modern working environment has raised various body ache problems. Back pain is also one of them. Careless posture is the main reason for the pain and it commonly comes from the workplace. People tend to sit in one position on not-so-comfortable chairs which results in various back injuries.  According to a survey, back pain is the single leading cause preventing people from engaging in work and day-to-day activities. This makes it essential to know how back pain can be avoided. Here are listed the 6 most useful tips to avoid back pain and mind your health and social care.

These simple habits can relieve you of your pain.

Strengthen your core muscles daily – Strengthening core muscles can help in improving back pain. Various exercises such as squats, planks, sit-ups, deadlifting, etc. can help in strengthening core muscles and making them flexible. Weak core muscles, on other hand, cause fatigue, back pain, and other posture-related problems.

Invest in an ergonomic office chair – A little investment in the ‘right stuff’ can relieve you a lot of extra costs. Ergonomic chairs in offices can help employees sit comfortably and work in efficient manners. It will improve the overall working posture and helps in minimizing the risks of chronic back pain.

Safeguard your back while lifting – While lifting the weights, it is necessary to take care of your posture and the technique of lifting. This impacts a lot on the back muscles and can lead to acute back pain and other injuries. If it’s your job to weight lift often, it is advised to know the proper technique of lifting heavy loads.

Dissipate stressors during everyday activities – Stress is everywhere, while inside the office premises or outside it. The way you take stress impacts a lot on your health. To avoid back pain, it’s better to diminish the causes of stress around you in your daily life. It’ll help you a lot to keep up with your health.

Rest after prolonged bending – Prolonged bending causes strain on the back which can cause pain and other spinal injuries. It is, therefore, necessary that you rest your back for a fine time after bending for a long time. Moving the spine in another way while resting can help avoid back pain.

Stretch your hamstrings – Stretching your hamstrings daily can help in avoiding back pain. It straightens the body posture and provides required support to the lower back and pelvis. This simple habit of stretching daily can benefit you over a longer period of time.


Movement and Posture play an important role to take care of your whole anatomy. The people who take care of the way they sit, stand, and work are often relieved of any such injuries. Therefore, you must take care of your position while lifting, handling weights, and moving heavy loads. Apart from this, the listed tips will make sure you are out of trouble while working.

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