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Level 3 Bid & Proposal Coordinator Apprenticeship

CCG & NHS Social Care Bids, Tenders & Proposals

Social Care Bids & TendersDo you need some help with your local authority, council, CCG, government agencies & NHS trust Social Care bid, tender or proposal?

Is there a specific member of your management team that deals with this or is this something that you throw together as the closing date looms?

If your business deserves better contact us to learn more about how a Level 3 Bid & Proposal Coordinator Qualification.

Social Care Bid, Tender & Proposal Training Course

The role of the Bid and Proposal Co-ordinator is to support new business through the full end to end proposal process – from initial interest and co-ordinating activities around pursuit of an opportunity, co-ordination of responses to pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ), if applicable, and final tender proposal documentation submission.

The role involves providing support to all affiliated functions to assist the quality and timely completion of proposal submissions – including organising meetings, structuring and writing proposal content, co-ordinating relevant activities and document management.

This role extends to a range of related commercial activity such as sector analysis, trend analysis, engaging in contract law, and developing strategies to win business for a variety of goods and services.

This training course will help you write compelling, customer focused proposals and tender submissions to win business with Local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Central government departments and the NHS.

Level 3 Bid & Proposal Coordinator Apprenticeship

On completion of the Apprenticeship, many transferable skills will have been acquired, lending themselves to a variety of careers and job pathways. Staying in bid/proposal co-ordination and management is the most obvious route but roles in procurement, sales, business development, project management and many more, are options available dependent on the individual and their preferences and appetites.

CCG & NHS Social Care Bids, Tenders & Proposals

If you need more information about our Level 3 Bid & Proposal Coordinator training courses for health and social care professionals, please contact us via telephone or fill out the form below.

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