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How to manage incidents at work

Irrespective of how careful people are, no one can avoid incidents at work. The first thing that employees must know is, how to give first aid to the patient. It is necessary to assist employees first hand to reduce further damage and promote recovery of the patient. But is it all? No. Employees at the workplace must be aware of how to manage incidents at their place.

Let us know how incidents can be effectively managed at work.

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Process of Incident Management

It is not necessary that everyone knows how to manage incidents at the workplace but thorough guidance and education can help employees to create a safe working environment. It involves certain steps in the process of effective incident management at work, which are:

  1. Identification: First of all, the incident should be correctly identified by the employees. They must be aware of the nature of the incident and expected complexities. For this, they must know about the various incidents that could take place at the workplace.
  1. Reporting: After identifying the incident, the employees must be aware of how the incident should be reported to the concerned authorities. Whether it’s to the management, department in the company, or nearest hospital authorities, employees must be clear about what is to be reported, where, and through which communication channel.
  1. Diagnosis: After reporting, it becomes the duty of the concerned employee to thoroughly diagnose the incident. Before responding to the incident, they must analyse the causes, symptoms and assess what immediate medical attention is required and what should be the incident response.
  1. Resolving: The next step involves the action. By now, the employee must be aware of what needs to be done for the patient. According to the incident, they must give first medical assistance to the patient and try to stop further damage. After that, with the available medical tools, necessary steps should be taken to help the patient.
  1. Corrective Action: The last and one of the most important steps in managing safety incidents at work is to take corrective actions. The loophole due to which incident occurred, such as technical glitch, electricity issue, etc should be resolved to ensure the further accidents are prevented.

This process allows the employees to assist the patient instead of showing sympathy towards them. Following these steps, employees won’t panic and will be able to provide an adequate solution to the patients at the time of incidents.


As accidents are inevitable at the workplace, effective Incident management becomes the prime responsibility of employees. The process lists the basic steps that must be followed for effective incident management. It will ensure that the patient as well as the concerned employee. However, during an incident, most of the employees panic and can’t think of what should be done. To ensure that the solution takes over panic and the patient is given the right treatment, complete guidance must be provided to employees through which they can learn, what to do and how.

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