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Level 3 Emergency First Aid In The Workplace Training Course Providers

Emergency First Aid At Work Training Courses

This level 3 qualification is a perfect enhancement of the knowledge learnt in Care Shield’s First Aid at Work course. Employers are mandated by law to ensure that their workplace has appropriate first aid measures in place. For some this might mean there is a need to have a first aider who can care for the injured should an accident occur.

Outline of Programme

This qualification includes methods of reducing risk, administering first aid to a variety of people in a variety of situations, methods of controlling bleeding, and providing CPR. This course offers insight on how to respond to someone having a seizure, or a person choking, it also teaches candidates on how to treat shock.

Benefits of the Course

This course increases safety by teaching people how to respond in the wake of an accident or emergency. As well as reducing the risk of accidents, first aiders are also equipped with knowledge of life saving methods such as CPR. Having a first aider could mean the difference between life and death.

Accreditation and Assessment

This course is accredited by iCQ, an awarding body regulated by Ofqual in England. The assessment will be through a portfolio of evidence completed while the learner is on the units listed above.

Duration of Course

This course requires 8 Guided Learning Hours, which will be completed with an industry-expert tutor.

Progression Options

This programme helps learners understand the principles of emergency first aid which will allow them to undertake further training in the health and safety field such as Care Shield’s COSHH course. We also offer online courses which can increase your awareness of subjects like mental health.

Emergency First Aid in the Workplace Training Courses

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