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Understanding the Care & Management of Diabetes – Level 2

Diabetes Training Courses For Health Care Providers

4.7 million people in the UK suffer with diabetes. Staff need to be aware of what signs to look out for when caring with someone with diabetes, as well as how to effectively treat issues as they arise. This level 2 course will talk employees through the types of diabetes, how to manage the condition, and what emergency treatment may become necessary.

Outline of Programme

This course educates the learner on the different types of diabetes and how they can occur. It helps create an understanding of the diagnosis of diabetes and how onset can be delayed through lifestyle changes. The course also covers the ongoing care and treatment of diabetes, and how to control blood sugar levels.

Units in the Course

To complete this programme, learners must complete the following four units.

  • Unit 1: Understand diabetes
  • Unit 2: Prevention and early intervention of Type 2 diabetes
  • Unit 3: Understand the initial care of diabetes
  • Unit 4: Understand the treatment and management of diabetes

Benefits of the Course

This course is suitable for a range of learners, and seeks to inform them on how to manage and understand the impact of diabetes. It can form part of a robust training programme for those working in the Health and Social Care sector, or it can be suitable for someone hoping to learn more about the care and management of diabetes.

There are no specific entry requirements, so this course is perfect for learners starting out in their career or just looking for a refresher course on understanding diabetes.

Accreditation and Assessment

This course is awarded through iCQ, which is regulated through Ofqual in England.

This course is assessed through a portfolio of evidence the learner collates when completing the units listed above. This will be supported by a discussion with the tutor to make sure learners feel confident in their knowledge.

Duration of the Course

This course requires 110 guided learning hours.

Progression Options

This course prepares learners for working with clients who need help managing their diabetes. Upon completion, candidates could specialise in working in this area and opt to further training at a higher level. Learners could also progress to a level 3 courses such as the Award in Education and Training, which would allow learners to train other employees.

Diabetes Training Courses For Health Care Providers

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