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Conflict Management In The Workplace Training Courses

Conflict Management Training Course Providers

This level 2 qualification teaches learners how to resolve and mitigate conflict in the workplace. It is designed to help people in any industry and will be beneficial for those working in HR or a people-orientated position.

Outline of Programme

The course will start by identifying how positive communication can minimise risks of conflict, as well as explaining the importance of perspective in a disagreement. The course will then cover potential triggers for confrontation, and how to avoid these. The learner will be encouraged to reflect on previous examples of conflict and what can be learnt from them.

Benefits of the Course

This course will help learners resolve issues of conflict between people, easing tension and aiding a positive work environment. It helps learners understand the origins of conflict and explores practical ways of approaching and alleviating issues.

Accreditation and Assessment

Care Shield’s Conflict Management qualification is accredited by iCQ which is regulated by Ofqual. The assessment will be through a portfolio of evidence completed while the learner is on the course.

Duration of Course

This course requires 14 Guided Learning Hours, which will be completed with an industry-expert tutor.

Progression Options

This programme helps learners understand the principles of Conflict Management and will allow them to specialise in an area relating to this subject such as customer service or other people-orientated positions. Learners can progress to a level 3 qualification once they have completed this course. Speak to Care Shield about progression options.

Conflict Management In The Workplace Training Courses

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