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Causes of Dementia

Dementia is a group of symptoms that effect the memory and behaviour of a person.  The causes of dementia can vary, but the illness can be very distressing to loved ones and people suffering from it. 

Dementia is a category of illnesses, so there are different types of causes depending on the specific type of dementia a person has.  We have listed the two most common forms of dementia here, as well as identifying their causes.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Named after German psychologist, Alois Alzheimer, Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia.  A lot remains unknown about the disease. It is thought that it is caused by two specific proteins that build up around brain cells.  As these proteins build up, the number of neurotransmitters sending messages between brain cells decreases.  The hippocampus, which plays an important role in creating new memories, is also effected by Alzheimer’s which is a main reason why issues with memory is often an initial symptom of this disease.

Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, although there are treatments available which can help with the disease.

Vascular Dementia

The causes of dementia vary, Vascular Dementia is caused by reduced blood flow to the brain, which can cause the death of brain cells.  This can be triggered by a major stroke, or a series of mini strokes, which interrupt blood flow to the brain.  Symptoms of this type of dementia could include slow thinking, behavioural changes, concentration issues, and more. 

Treatment is imperative for preventing further damage to brain cells and can slow down the progression of the disease.

Elderly woman with a walking stick

Training as an investment

Ensuring your staff are appropriately trained shows that you value them and want to increase their skills and awareness.  This builds on the trust and relations you have with your staff.  Training is an often-overlooked investment.  By equipping staff with knowledge they need, you are showing you place a high priority on their development.

Knowing the Causes of Dementia

Being aware of dementia is imperative when working in the Health and Social Care sector.  Care Shield offer a Level 3 course which gives learners a chance to understand and help people suffering with various types of this illness.  Speak to one of our advisors about this course today.

If you think you are suffering from the symptoms of dementia, speak to your GP. 

For more information take a look at the NHS’s guide on dementia.

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