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Why we partner with Bloom

As care providers in the UK, we know first-hand how hard it is to achieve high standards. One of the key challenges is collecting, managing and using data – every day, we need to record hundreds of interactions with our service users.

The data we collect is used to manage our services, make decisions, improve care, adhere to regulators’ demands, keep families up-to-date and much more.

We were tired of inefficient and environmentally damaging paper-based systems  and didn’t think the competition were up to much so we built a cloud-based solution called Bloom to help us – now we’re launching it worldwide.

​From Cape Town to Cambridge, from Kolkata to Kathmandu – if you run a care business, we’ve got you covered.

Care management is easy with Bloom

  • Use on desktop, app and tablet
  • Personalised care plans
  • Information stored centrally
  • Quick and easy staff handovers
  • Real-time oversight for managers
  • Intuitive note-taking feature
  • Downloadable data and reports
  • Alerts for critical issues


Plan your work and manage your team


Easily meet CQC and CCG standards


Help your care team work faster and better


Never miss key
information again


Update family, other practitioners and your team


Make sure every user is getting the care they need

‘Great how the app creates the notes and gives us the flexibility to spend more time with users rather than logging notes”
Julie FinchTeam Leader
“Bloom allows me to achieve more tasks within a day and is so easy to use. If my support staff are happy, I am happy!”
Kirsty DeanDeputy Manager
“Very simple and easy to use, makes my job much easier”
Elaine SmithSupport Worker
“Beneficial for staff who have a language barrier and struggle to put words into writing”
Miles DuttonSupport Worker
“Bloom is miles better than any other software we’ve used”
Stan NwadikaSupport Worker
“It’s really easy to use and I love the fact I can use it on my mobile”
Clare MeadsSupport Worker
“It is easy to enter daily notes so the app will save you loads of time, making it easier to provide great care”
Khizrah HussainSupport Worker

Give your Managers the Necessary Information to Deliver Excellence

We know that running a care business can feel like you’re always putting out fires – going from one issue to the next without catching your breath. Bloom gives managers a simple view of how the team is performing, enabling them to manage multiple sites and team members from one system. Managers can quickly zero in on problems and deal with the important matters immediately.

  • Develop easy-to-follow plans
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Ensure seamless handovers
  • Report on performance
  • Be more proactive
  • Effective shadow shifts
  • Get new team members up-to-speed

Provide Evidence to Regulators and Maintain Key Funding

The regulatory oversight for social care is significant, and rightly so. The all-important CQC ratings and funding streams can hinge on the right data being available. Bloom builds an audit trail to prove the quality of your service, and when it comes to funding Bloom gives you the evidence to demonstrate what your service users actually require; no more cobbling together folders at the last minute.

  • CQC compliant
  • Prove your best practice methods
  • Support funding requirements

Get that Wonderful Feeling of Control

Every day is filled with a thousand small requests, and challenges coming from every angle – this is the nature of our industry and we can’t magic these problems away. What we can do with Bloom is give you a care management system that saves you an incredible amount of time, tracks everything in real-time and ensures nothing gets missed.

  • Set clear expectations for team members
  • Have one centralised set of accurate data
  • Allow managers to work on improving care
  • Easily build reports and process information requests
  • Reduce the need for unnecessary travel between sites

Make Sure your Team is Delivering the Right Level of Care

Staff turnover is notoriously high in social care. Combine this with the 24/7 nature of the job it’s easy to see why standards can slip. We’ve found the best way to maintain quality is to set clear expectations and give management information to support their team. With Bloom, you can monitor how your team is operating and deal with issues before they grow.

  • Live information
  • Recording at the point of care
  • Quick and easy reporting
  • Quickly be alerted to issues

Nurse visitor
Smiling senior women

Better Communication Leads to Better Outcomes

The best care happens when the key stakeholders are all working together; that means support workers, other medical professionals, social services, families and the service users. Bloom stores the critical day-to-day care data, so everyone has clarity on the latest information and full history.

  • Prepare effortlessly for MDT boards
  • Keep family members up-to-date
  • Detailed insights to ensure care quality
  • Ensure the care team have access to the latest information

Give Every User the Care Package that is Right for Them

We understand the critical importance of personalised care. No two users are the same, and these unique needs must be embedded in the care plan. Bloom lets you build a detailed care plan and then track your activities to make sure you’re meeting it. If things change, which of course they often do, then you can quickly and easily update the plan.

  • Easily build detailed care plans
  • Update plans in real-time
  • Deliver truly personal care

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