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Care Home Finance Brokers & Mortgage Lenders

At Care Shield, we understand that securing the right financial support is critical for care home operators. Whether you are buying your first care home, seeking refinancing options, or planning a strategic care business expansion, our seasoned team is here to guide you through the entire process.

Our commitment is straightforward – we value your time and resources as much as you do. Therefore, we take on the task only when confident in securing competitive funding that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Trust our expertise to navigate the intricate landscape of care home financing, ensuring a seamless and successful financial journey for you and your business. Explore the comprehensive financial services we offer:

Care Home Asset Finance:

Asset finance is a versatile business funding option for care homes, enabling the acquisition or refinancing of various assets essential for operations. This can include medical equipment, vehicles, and technology. A wide range of assets qualifies for financing, providing flexibility in securing necessary resources.

Care Home Bridging Loans:

Care Home Bridging Loans offer short-term financial support, acting as a bridge between current financial needs and available resources. This option is beneficial for addressing immediate financial gaps, such as covering operational costs during transitional periods or funding urgent facility improvements.

Care Home Business Loans:

Previously exclusive to traditional banks, Care Home Business Loans now come from a variety of lenders. Specialist lenders offer swift and flexible deals, providing care homes with the financial support needed for various business-related expenses, from staff training to facility upgrades.

Care Home Mortgages:

Care Home Mortgages are tailored loans secured against non-residential properties or commercial buildings. Whether acquiring a new facility or refinancing an existing one, these mortgages provide essential financial support for care homes in need of property-related funding.

Care Home Development Finance:

Development finance supports care homes in financing construction, renovation, conversion, or heavy refurbishment projects. This short-term funding option helps cover costs incurred during the building process, ensuring the development of state-of-the-art care facilities that meet the evolving needs of residents.

Care Home Invoice Finance:

Invoice finance is a valuable tool for releasing funds in the care home sector. By using outstanding invoices as security, this financing option provides quick access to working capital, allowing care homes to maintain smooth operations while awaiting payments from clients or partners.

Care Home Secured Loans:

Secured loans, or second charge mortgages, allow care homes to borrow money by using their property as collateral. This financing solution provides a structured approach to obtaining funds for various purposes, offering security and potentially lower interest rates compared to unsecured options.

Merchant Cash Advance:

Merchant Cash Advance, or Business Cash Advance, is an unsecured finance solution for care home owners. This allows quick access to funding ranging from £2,500 to £300,000. The flexibility and speed of this option make it suitable for addressing immediate financial needs, such as purchasing equipment or covering unexpected costs.

R&D Tax Relief:

Care homes can benefit from R&D Tax Relief, a financial incentive encouraging innovation. With UK businesses claiming over £5 billion annually, care homes should explore this opportunity to offset costs related to research and development, contributing to improved services and facilities for residents.

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